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The Association of Trans American Friendship (ATAF) welcomes anyone who is seriously open for a better understanding of mutual interests between America & Europe.

The Association of Trans American Friendship (herewith further called: ATAF) is a membership organization. Access to ATAF activities is by invitation and participation is for all members of The Association of Trans American Friendship and its affiliate communities. Most members are professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds and functions within their jobs/companies and other organisations. Usually we also invite a small number of non-members to each ATAF meeting in either Europe and the U.S., providing this opportunity to experience our organization’s events, which have a particular format and quality. This, together with a wide range of interests and cultural mix, makes the networking opportunities at ATAF events pretty enrichable and highly-valued. Take advantage of ATAF's one-year free membership.

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10 Reasons why joining ATAF:

  1. Exclusive round-table meetings in cities of Europe and the U.S.A.
  2. Top quality speakers addressing key topics of transatlantic opportunities
  3. A neutral forum for people in business and cultural life to meet and discuss in confidence (“Chatham House Rule”)
  4. Candid insights, informative discussions with a select group of participants
  5. Cross-sector membership - unrivalled opportunity to build a network
  6. Platform to provide a sounding-board for people on both sides of the Atlantic
  7. Opportunity to shape and host future events
  8. Punctual lunch-time meetings organised to ATAF’s renowned high standards
  9. Bi-annual directorial briefings on the priorities of the current mutual interests between America & Europe
10. Events and Receptions will be held in prestigious venues in one of Europe's capital cities, in Washington and/or other U.S. cities

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>> Take advantage of ATAF's one-year free membership. Please click here for free membership.

Member meets Member:

At the ATAF Member Login you will have a "Member meets Member" section and get direct access to all members in America and Europe as well.

Membership Fees:

The annual membership fee contributes to the costs of preparing and organizing the events of the association and to the management of the ATAF secretariat. After registration the new member will get a Membership Card along with the ATAF lapel pin and ATAF sticker for cars.

The regular membership is just €/US$ 52 for individuals and the annual dues for companies or organizations starting from €/US$ 300.

  Annual Fee (calendar year) =  US$ 52 (€ 52)
  Spouse/Partner of existing member =  US$ 40 (€ 40)
  Minors/Youth (7 to 17 years) =  US$ 24 (€ 24)
  Junior/Students (18 to 27 years) =  US$ 40 (€ 40)
  Senior (from age of 65 years) =  US$ 40 (€ 40)

  Lifetime membership fee for individuals

=  US$ 260 (€ 260) [one-time payment]

  Corporate membership dues starting at

=  US$ 300 (€ 300)

Member Referral Program

 • You get rewarded for each new member you refer, and they enjoy all the benefits of ATAF membership!
 • Benefit by referring new members and save on forthcoming membership dues.
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