Member Referral Program

Everybody wins !


Share ATAF, because it pays to have friends

Would you like to earn rewards for referrals? Receive recognition while helping the Association of Trans American Friendship (ATAF) grow? Participate in the ATAF Referral Program... it's that easy.

Spread the word to your colleagues or friends and you will receive €(US$) 10.00 off your annual dues when each will join.

Current ATAF members can refer a brand new member to the Association of Trans American Friendship and receive a €(US$) 10.00 credit towards their forthcoming membership dues. When having 5 referrals, your upcoming annual dues will be waived in full. Simply have the new member fill out the online Membership Application Form and make sure that your name will be mentioned as "recommended by".

The Member Referral Program is a continuous campaign to grow the Association of Trans American Friendship and provide rewards and recognition opportunities to those who forward prospects to the Association of Trans American Friendship that result in memberships. Our members play an important role in positive growth and building a stronger friendship community. A larger membership strengthens the ATAF's voice advocating on issues of importance, enhances services for our members and provides more friendship connections.

Here's how it works:

 • Identify an Individual, Business, or Corporation that You feel would benefit from ATAF's Membership.
 • Only active members in good standing can participate in the Member Referral Program.
 • Program is valid for referrals of new members only.
 • Program is not valid for current renewals, although memberships that have not been active for at least 12 months since their last expiration
    date are valid for a referral discount.
 • To receive credit for a referral or recruit, the new member must confirm the referring member's name. If we cannot verify the identity of
    the referring member, no credit will be awarded for that application.
 • The €(US$) 10.00 off your membership dues cannot be redeemed for cash or applied toward any other purchases. Does not apply to past
    memberships or previous transactions.
 • Upon receipt of referral credits for you as a lifetime member or when referring a certain number of new members, you will join a special
    incentive service. More information about special incentives you can get from our head quarters.
 • There is no limit to the number of referrals you can make.
 • Recommend the Association of Trans American Friendship to a Friend.

It's that EASY !

To become a member, please complete the online registration form.

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