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The ATAF is a work in progress, many events being scheduled at relatively short notice to ensure topical relevance, and to anticipate and preview new issues and trends as they arise. The involvement of members and benefactors is important to ATAF, and they are encouraged to share their ideas and wishes regarding themes and speakers.

As a dedicated non-profit organization, we are forever in need of wonderful volunteers to help us in our efforts. ATAF can assist young business people and students as well with a variety of opportunities in the fields of business, culture and social life.

ATAF, as an international not-for-profit organization is also open to cooperation with all parts of civil society as well as other organizations. We also promote partnerships with different organizations, associations as well as local communities.

We are able to support and help all our members or volunteering programs that receive our services because of donations from people like you. ATAF has a non-profit status and all donations are tax deductible. Please click the button below.


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