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The ATAF Press people provide timely news coverage and information on a wide range of topics linked to sustainable developments in the fields of business, education, culture and social life. News and updates are published on ATAF's website, visit our news page.

ATAF journalists and writers play a vital role in our association. They shine a bright light on the events, people and society that affect our Trans American goals. Through news coverage and large-scale market researches, our journalists and writers hold the Trans American Friendship and market figures accountable, and creating a path for positive changes. The journalists listed on this page are professionals in the fields of business, education, culture and social life around the world.

Our journalists and writers are dedicated to reporting and analyzing the news to the highest standards of truth and accuracy for our readers. This is the goal of our editorial code of conduct.

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Our Team of Journalists and Writers

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N. N. (Kentucky) - Editor in Chief

N. N. (Florida) - Executive Editor

N. N. (New York) - Senior Editor

N. N. (Kentucky) - Associate Editor

N. N. (Kentucky) - Editorial Assistant

N. N. (Texas) - Administrative Assistant


Market News

N. N. (Kentucky) - News Staff Writer

N. N. (Kentucky) - Staff Writer, Market News

N. N. (England) - Staff Writer, Stock Market

N. N. (Washington) - Breaking News Editor

Ference Puska (Hungary) - Associate News Editor


Business / Economy News

N. N. (Kentucky) - Senior Staff Writer

Ron Smith (England) - Staff Writer, Business Economics

Wolfgang Radermacher (Germany) - Staff Writer, Business & Trade

Fernando Santos (Spain) - Staff Writer, Economic Development

N. N. (Kentucky) - Staff Writer, Finance News


Education News

N. N. (Kentucky) - Staff Writer, Education USA

N. N. (Germany) - Staff Writer, Education Europe

N. N. (Kentucky) - Staff Writer, College News

N. N. (Kentucky) - Staff Writer, University News

N. N. (England) - Staff Writer, Education Development



N. N. (Kentucky) - Public Relations

N. N. (England) - Opinion Editor

N. N. (Kentucky) - Corporate Communications Specialist

N. N. (New York) - US Correspondent

Willem de Klerk (Netherlands) - EU Correspondent


Cultural News

N. N. (England) - Opinion Editor

N. N. (Kentucky) - Staff Writer, US Culture

Danielle Josse (France) - Staff Writer, EU Culture


Social Life

N. N. (Kentucky) - Staff Writer, Life Style

Massimo Camerano (Italy) - Staff Writer, Social Life

N. N. (New York) - Staff Writer, Social Events


Social Media

N. N. (Kentucky) - Social Media Specialist

N. N. (England) - Digital Journalist

N. N. (Kentucky) - Staff Writer, Social Media

N. N. (Kentucky) - Staff Writer, Social Events


Online / Production

N. N. (Kentucky) - Online/Production

N. N. (England) - Engagement Editor

N. N. (Kentucky) - Online Marketer

N. N. (Kentucky) - Video Production

N. N. (Kentucky) - Production Assistant


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